DHCP Parameters for Dlink DIR-816L 750 Wireless Router

Dlink DIR-816L 750 Wireless Router is used so that you can connect these router devices with a modem device and then you can get wireless connections to computer and mobile devices. When you have wireless wifi connections for all these devices, you will allow getting high speed wifi connections easily at very high speed. From IP 192.168 Login page you can find the details about the wireless devices that are currently connected to your wifi connections and enjoying internet.

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What are DHCP Parameters of Dlink DIR-816L 750 Wireless Router and How to Access these Parameters

If you want to get details about the computer devices with DHCP server IP addresses then you will need to access DHCP parameter details. You can change these details any time from a computer device. If you want to use dlink wifi router management application then you can get this application from Android and iOS devices.

How to Access DHCP Parameters for Dlink WiFi Router Devices?

 If you want to get details about DHCP computer devices then here are steps you can follow.

  • Connect Dlink DIR-816L 750 Wireless Router with a computer device.
  • Connect power supply with your wifi router and computer. wireless setup

  • Type IP 192.168 Login address to web browser and you will get the login page.


  • Fill the dlink router login user name and password. These login details can be default if you are using your device settings page for first time.

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  • From dlink setup page you can find the computer devices that are connected with DHCP server IP address.

We know that these steps are little bit critical for some users and if you are also getting problems with these steps then you can surely contact dlink support team for your help. You can also read other articles from our website and you can get more details about Dlink DIR-816L 750 Wireless Router settings.

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